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Meet the W Chiropractic Massage Therapist

Meredith Killian, LMT

Meredith Killian, LMT

Meredith Killian, LMT

Meredith Killian is a graduate of the Montana School of Massage, a Licensed Massaged Therapist, and a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist. She works in Missoula where she is dedicated to a career of helping people return to a pain-free, active, healthy lifestyle.

She is a member of the IKFF Blackburn Kettlebell Sport Team, an IKFF Level 2 Certified Kettlebell Teacher, Contending Master of Kettlebell Sport and holds an ACE Personal Trainer Certificate. She is also an outdoor enthusiast that loves spending time with my family skiing, hiking and backpacking.

Her path to becoming a massage therapist began in 2011 when she began her career as a competitive weightlifter. While on the competitive circuit she quickly learned the importance of massage therapy. To become a professional level athlete, she had to endure intense training sessions and repetitive stress to her muscles and joints. Not long into her career Meredith notes she became “injured” and was unable to mobilize her shoulder and assumed her lifting days were over. After trying many different types of therapies she finally found a massage therapist who was able to free her shoulder getting her back on the platform.

That experience led her to pursue her goal of helping others improve their mobility and return to normal pain-free function. Meredith strives to provide exceptional service and education to every client she is fortunate enough to work with.

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