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Back Pain Relief for Missoula

The overall, whole-person wellness philosophy is what keeps me coming back

“My experiences at W Chiropractic over the past six months have been professional, educational, and healing. But in addition to that they have also been inspiring, enjoyable, and have given me community building opportunities within the office as well as outside into the larger community of Missoula. Healing my back pain is what first drove me to W Chiropractic, on the recommendation of a friend ~ the overall, whole-person wellness philosophy is what keeps me coming back. The genuine welcome I receive each visit makes me smile even on the painful days! Thank you!!” – Odette, Lolo

W-Chiro has improved the quality of my everyday life!

“Mark has had my back for nearly six years now. With all the varied problems that I have with my neck and lower back, W-Chiro. has improved the quality of my everyday life! That is just part of why I give the 5-star rating. Best staff of ANY business in Montana! EXCELLENT” – Lee, Missoula

Now Life is Good!

My quality of life is improving, my attitude is positive and my out look on life is becoming beautiful! Before I came to W Chiropractic I was hurting from back pain and carpal tunnel pain. Now life is good! Thank you Dr. Mark and your entire staff! – Pam Carlton, Legal Assistant

Would I ever be able to hunt again or take long leisure walks?



Before I visited W Chiropractic I could only walk a few blocks before lower back pain confined me to the easy chair for the remainder of the day. Dr. Mark advised me that I would see a day when I would feel as refreshed and invigorated at the end of my walks as I did before I started on them. His prediction came true. I am now able to easily walk two miles instead of two blocks. -Glenn Smith, Lumber Jack (now retired)



Lower Back Pain

When I first went to W Chiropractic, I was in terrible pain in my lower back and could only walk a half of a block and have to stop and rest. After two months with Dr. Mark working on me, I was pain free and have been for almost three years. I am sure I would have had to have an operation if not for Dr. Wilson. I thank the Lord for sending me to him. – Willis Cotant, Rancher

“Your excellent work restored my back”

“Thank you, Dr. Mark and Team. Your excellent work restored my back over one year ago. However, due to family circumstances, I was unable to create the necessary time to maintain.

Then, about two weeks ago, I twisted my back and ended up in considerable pain. I got into the office today and Dr. Mark began to work his “magic” once again. This time, upon completion of my correction, I shall make certain that I get into the office at least once a month for maintenance.

Thank you all so very much.” – anonymous

“Made a big difference on the pain I used to have”

“All I can say is WOW!!!! What a difference my neck & back adjustments have made since I started seeing Dr.Mark…. I let myself go too long, but it has already made a big difference on the pain I used to have…. Thanks Dr. Mark & the rest of the crew, love to deal with them. very very helpful. thanks much.” – Judy, Frenchtown

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